Cammate Travel Series

We are the exclusive, authorized reseller of Cammate for virtual production. Cammate will deliver your jib to our facility for modification and installation of our encoders. After fully testing of the Cammate, we can ship your Encodacam Cammate Travel Series Jib to you anywhere in the world, ready for your production.

Cammate Jibs to consider for your virtual production:

  Lens Height Reach Range Arm Length
T11 11ft (3.35M) 5ft (1.52M) 8ft 5" (2.57M)
T15 15ft (4.57M) 9ft (2.74M) 12ft 5" (3.78M)
T18 18ft (5.49M) 13ft (3.96M) 16ft 5" (5.00M)
T21 21ft (6.40M) 17ft 6"(5.31M) 21ft 6" (6.53M)
T25 25ft (7.62M) 21ft (6.40M) 25ft 6" (7.75M)

The most accurate way to compare jib arm is to use reach range. Reach is the length from the provit point at the tripod or dolly, to the front of the jib.

The reach range is also a important information for Encodacam to get cable package to fit your jib.

Please note: Lens Height will be different when the camera mounting is changed. Or the choices of tripod, rasier or different dolly. All numbers is for reference only.

* Please see more details in Cammate Travel Series

* Jib comes with your tripod or dolly option

* Includes crane, Pedestal Level, Pan/Tilt L-shaped head, focus/zoom, associated electronics control, cases.

* Encodacam package of Cammate, includes serial box; swing, elevation, pan, tilt and backup encoder cables; option of Canon or Fujinon lens cable.

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